the riyl revolution

post-punk, prepubescent. mexico 4ever! by dory t
March 29, 2008, 4:55 am
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for the first ever real riyl revolution blog post, i’d like to draw all of your attention to mexico city. mexico city, where some fantastically bizarre-o shit is going down.

if you’ve ever seen the movie the warriors, this is basically exactly the same thing– it’s still a bunch of crazy kids, there’s still a lot of crazy violence, and it’s still just about the crazy styles that the crazy kids have come up with these days. full-scale riots have been breaking out between different tribus urbanas (urban tribes!) in mexico city. the target is emos, the aggressors are punks (and rockabillies!) and basically it’s all about fashion. but it’s got the kids in the streets, and there have been protests and police interventions and youtubeable beatings, and in general things are getting pretty intense.

so there are two things- ONE: i wish that there were fierce urban tribes in my city, because i wish i could join one and go to protests about my clothes. TWO: i think it’s pretty tragic that the only cause that’ll really get kids into the streets is fashion. not politics, or the fact that we’re all oppressed, or the fact that capitalism blows.

but sometimes all of this punk and emo shit gets exhausting, so here’s some post-punk. it’s post-emo also, and post-mexico maybe (although definitely not post-capitalism): UNGDOMSKULEN. they’re from norway, they have their own blog, and i’m pretty much obsessed with them. listen to “modern drummer” and be awed by their ability to rock out. and also, their accents. charming!

ungdomskulen is riyl (that is, recommended if you like): lightning bolt, cinemechanica, shit that’s metal, & big black.

although we may be post-punk, we’re still pre-mp3. regardless:

long live the riyl revolution!

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