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springtime in ohio -> premature bliss by dory t
April 9, 2008, 4:35 am
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hey guys, you know what i love? no? okay i’ll make you a list.

1. the wet grass smell of summer air at night when it blows in through your screen, and all the mosquitoes stay out and that delicious breeze still gives you that feeling like essence of warm and darkness, like everything is okay, and you can feel it while you’re sleeping.

2. the chocolate chip raspberry chipotle muffin i had at black river cafe a few weeks ago when i stumbled in at 10:45, already late for class. it was like cheesecake, only spicy and chocolately and full of this fantastic gooey fruitiness. (if i were to make a pie chart of my diet, and the two options were muffin food v. non-muffin food, the chart would be mostly muffin)

3. shit that’s free

i give you: the most recent, most blissful, most summer-y, most delicious EP by UK band stars and sons (did this name come from the broken social scene song by the same name? possibly. google certainly thinks so). my favorite tracks are “outside my feet” & “comfy now”, but they’re all good and they’re all FREE (and LEGAL), so who the fuck cares, amirite?

this EP isn’t perfect, but it’s fun and it reminds me of things that are easy.

RIYL: Loney, Dear, Stars, Patrick Park (my love for this dude deserves a whole other post, which it will probably earn eventually), sitting in the passenger seat of your best friend’s shitty pickup with your head out the window and your hair whipping into your eyes while you shout lewd things at pedestrians.

x d


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great blog!

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