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thursdays are the new fridays. by yujean
May 6, 2008, 8:10 pm
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Springtime in Oberlin means that the heat dissolves when the sun goes down. We crawled out the window at midnight and sat on the rooftop huddled in a blanket, our knees touching for that extra warmth or at least the effect of it. Eight of us were there (Meagan & Dory included), knowing each other to varying degrees, eating chocolate chips out of a tiny glass jar and passing around a loaf of freshly baked bread. I felt like I was in Ann Martin’s The Babysitters Club series, except it wasn’t as campy.

What rules is that instead of being 11 or 13 like the kids in The Babysitters Club we’re all 19 to 21, which means we’re not so preoccupied with acne or getting food stuck in our braces, like my friends and I were during that age. It’s also been forever since I’ve been in a large group of girls where nobody was catty or competitive or passive aggressive. We were just ourselves, just enjoying each other’s company and perhaps most importantly, not taking either of those things for granted.

A few selections my iTunes playlist, appropriately titled “forever spring”:
Amanda Jenssen — Do You Love Me?
So catchy.

Chris Bathgate — Yes I’m Cold
This song is perfect to wake up to in the morning.


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