the riyl revolution

so many names, but damn if it isn’t the cutting edge by dory t
May 8, 2008, 12:28 am
Filed under: music, news

if you haven’t heard about hip kid miles benjamin anthony robinson yet, you’re not paying enough attention.

24-year-old miles b (at left in the photo) has got a million names and a falsetto even prettier than justin vernon (of bon iver). his first few singles are so promising (and so pretty) it makes me cringe a little bit. he’s currently on tour with white rabbits (currently THE ONLY band signed to radiohead’s US label, another totally impressive truth) and he’s been selling out shows all over the place.

full length album is set to come out july 1st, and i plan to be in line for that one about two weeks in advance.

signed to say hey records and cute as can be, listen to miles benjamin anthony robinson and float away into summer (with me).

recommended if you like: bon iver, okkervil river, friends who tell the truth, late nights wishing you smoked cigarettes on a hillside in the park by your parents’ house, the burn in the corner of your eyes just before you cry, coming clean, staying clean, and being fierce without being lonely.

buriedfed – miles benjamin anthony robinson

the debtor – miles benjamin anthony robinson




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