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bridge to canada by dory t
May 10, 2008, 5:40 am
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Today Meagan and Yujean and I drove to Michigan. On the way back, in the dark, after getting lost three times and barreling down any number of crazy-narrow log-flume tree-lined on-ramps, we passed what is perhaps my favorite road sign in a while: “Bridge to Canada, Next Exit.” We giggled and soldiered on into the night. In some fantastic parallel universe where I wasn’t carsick and we didn’t have obligations, though– in this universe we would have taken the bridge to Canada. And if we had driven until we got to Quebec, we might have gotten there in time to catch Two Hours Traffic play a show, and it might have sounded just as bright and power pop-y as it did as our car blew past semis on the way back to Ohio.
This music reminds me of things I liked in high school; particularly the things I liked when I worked at Baskin Robbins and had to listen to very happy nostalgic music every day in order to not feel like killing myself.
riyl: super clean for radio lyrics, having conversations where no one really listens but everybody gets really excited telling stories about senior year of high school, sunshine, iced coffee when most of the ice cubes have melted and all that’s left are little clear slivers of cold bobbing around and leaving weird watery trails in the cream, the 4th of july (Canadian independence day?), orange juice popsicles

Two Hours Traffic – Sure Can Start

Two Hours Traffic – Stuck for the Summer

If you like it, buy it here.

x dory

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the links didn’t work for me, weirdly enough. and i want them to because i like these songs.

and also, our new header is FUCKINGREAT

Comment by meaganday

i’ve doublechecked ’em and they should be working now. and the header is from christolf john, artistic genius, website forthcoming.
as for the songs: try again?

Comment by dory t

helll ya

Comment by christolf john

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