the riyl revolution

rainy day noir rock by thebrandnew007
May 15, 2008, 12:16 am
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It’s raining here in SLC right now, so i thought this was rather appropriate.

This is psychobilly’s depressed sibling on downers, this is trip hop influenced rock noir, this is Lovage minus the creepy guy with the low voice, and this is Oren Bloedow without the high spirit. Meet Elysian Fields. ***check their site, it’s real cute.

as per request, RIYL low-key black-and-white visuals. german expressionist cinematography. night. crime. oneiric, strange, ambivalent, cynical, and cruel femmes fatales. spies. asymmetrical compositions. strangers. flashbacks. chiaroscuro photography. fatalistic moods backgrounded by provocative banter. people with questionable virtues. flattering soft light with jazz playing. emotionally tortuous yet alluring relationships. Basically if you consistently find yourself watching Hitchcock films, reading graphic novels and listening to jazz, you’ll probably be into this.

Lady In The Lake
Rope of Weeds
Jack In The Box

no really, what were you expecting?

– j a k e
e – j a k
k e – j a
a k e – j
j a k e –


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