the riyl revolution

the academy. by yujean
May 16, 2008, 12:21 am
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FINALS. for the past couple of days, we at riyl revolution (minus jake, lucky one) have been overmedicated with every possible substitute for sleep (along with most other students here in oberlin).

as if the population here weren’t eccentric enough already, you know? leave us in the library for 10+ hours and everyone’s pretty much on edge. to top it off, the school contracted giant inflatable jumpers and set them up on the lawn in front of the library. the place where people go to avoid fun and get shit done. i looked out the window next to my study carrel yesterday afternoon and saw kids bouncing around in velcro suits so that their bodies would adhere to what are essentially oversized floaties. then some guy appeared out of nowhere outside my third-story window (HOW DID HE GET THERE?????) and started squeegeeing the hell out of it, effectively causing me to freak the fuck out.

but it’s all good because when i got home at around 2:30 in the morning my roommate had left me a giant note on my bed full of kind words and hearts. so, you know, as long as people care, things have the potential to look up.

sea wolf — the cold, the dark & the silence
sea wolf — middle distance runner
from their album leaves in the river.

riyl: friends who always share their food no matter how much you mooch, awkward things that are still captivating and beautiful, friends who leave you sweet notes, finding a five-dollar bill in that pair of pants you haven’t worn in months, dunkaroos.


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