the riyl revolution

not sending letters to sweden. by yujean

School’s out!! After all is said and done, we go our separate ways* and I amp up the written correspondences in attempt to remind loved ones that I haven’t forgotten them (&likewise, a nudge for them not to forget me, either).

*the RIYL crew is currently dispersed all over the continental US and Hawaii. One of us may or may not be in Argentina right now.

Crazy things happen when you don’t keep in touch with people and it throws you for a spin when you find out how much has changed all of a sudden, you know? Like how I recently found out that my best friend from fifth grade is now on the national executive committee of the Swedish Young Conservatives, the youth wing of their neoliberal party.


I used to go to her house everyday and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before I moved to a town 15 minutes away. Apparently long distance friendships are difficult to maintain during middle school, or something, because soon afterwards we got into a fight and she and our other friend totally dropped off the face of the earth. Turns out they were having face-to-face dates with boys they’d talked to on the internet. Well, it looks like she’s traded in the devotions of prepubescent mallrats for this free-market loving, Eurodollar-hating, bald-like-Mr. Clean Niklas Wykman.

Who would have guessed?

Neoliberals and bald people aside, there’s some pretty sweet indie pop coming out of Sweden these days.
Maia Hirasawa — Crackers; own it

The Lovekevins — Private Life Of A Cat; own it

Envelopes — I’d Like 2 C U; own it



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