the riyl revolution

Oh Jason Are You Still Waiting by meaganday

Yeah! This is what I’ll be listening to this summer, left hand out the window, right hand on the steering wheel, soldiering into the desert night with my dusty pickup truck. Why? Because it sounds like the way holiday lights adorn squat brown buildings in the town where I’m going, like something simple and modest plumed and harnessed in hundreds of feet of unseasonal electricity. You remember Wolf Colonel, right? You remember the way Jason Anderson and his colony of simple structures kept you company when you were sixteen and landlocked and lonely? This is like that except you and he aren’t ten states away, just waiting for something to happen together anymore. You’re making it happen, one soundtracked summer night at a time.

It’s a free album. Get it here or download below:

Jason Anderson- On the Street

Riyl: Wolf Colonel, Ted Leo’s better days, Jeffrey Lewis plus high voltage minus large chunks of folk influence, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone lyrics on SRIs, free albums, shaved ice, secondary highways, bags of sunflower seeds, big gulps from gas stations, catching fireflies, failing to catch fireflies, not even trying to catch fireflies cause you’re too drunk and comfortable to move, when songs reference your hometown, that perfect poprockfolkwhatever summer album.

– meagan


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