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No Rap or Country For Old Men* by stuffguyswhopeopleconfuseforqueerslike
June 21, 2008, 12:16 am
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Those of us (and you) helping to fuel the recommended if you like revolution find greatest efficacy in a diverse web of recommendations, right? But honestly, all of our posts seem to share a similar sound- So in the interest of calling upon some more varied tastes, I will toss in a little rap and some country and maybe something else later.

When I want to listen to some hip-hop, i’m wowed by interesting beats and clever lines. And I really don’t have to look much further than Stones Throw, the label that brings such amazing beatsmiths and rhyme slingers as Madlib (and all his various projects like the unbeatable Quasimoto), MF Doom, J Dilla, and my personal favorite (and label head) Peanut Butter Wolf. Well, later this month they will be releasing a collaborative one-off by J Dilla, Ghostface Killa and MF Doom. This is bound to be 100%. Doom and Ghostface were both working off tracks from Dilla’s brilliant album Donuts. (Shit, Donuts is more of an All-You-Can-Eat buffet of beats than a straightforward album. And believe me, it fucking works.) The Dilla/Killa/Doom single is slated for release later this month on the Stones Throw store.

I offer these three tracks for dinner, and you’re just going to have to wait to get your dessert. All are kind of old, but they are sold gold. First, from My Vinyl Weighs a Ton, we have a perfect example of PB Wolf’s top-notch concoctions and productions. Second, a track from Madlib’s Blue Note remixes Shades of Blue. This is an unbelievable album- Madlib had open access to the entire Blue Note catalog (all the masters of Jazz, Funk and Soul are represented) and made some very amazing grooves. And finally, a little Doom under his moniker Viktor Vaughn on the record Vaudeville Villain. This one isn’t actually on Stones Throw, but I like this album better than Madvillany, which is. Oh, and fourth – Madlib and J Dilla were working on an album together before his untimely passing in 2006. Together, they are Jaylib. These songs are pretty incredible.

RIYL: digging deep in the bins (or just listening to the amazing shit Peanut Butter Wolf has dug deep and found), indie-hop like EL-P or Atmosphere, 30’s comic books and superhero cartoons, and humorous rhymes.

Peanut Butter Wolf – Casio (buy!)

Madlib -Slim’s Return (buy buy buy!)

Viktor Vaughn – A Dead Mouse (here)

Jaylib – Mission Remix

There is new business coming from Stones Throw is James Pants, from Spokane WA. He’s pretty alright with some worthy beats: I’ll just link to the video of his song because it is pretty weird- he zaps Peanut Butter Wolf with a ray gun.

James Pants – Cosmic Rapp

Well, I promised a little country, didn’t I? Well if you want your fix of the hicks, check out Jesse Montgomery’s radio show over at WOBC.ORG. During these hot summer months, he’ll be on every wednesday morning at 10am with Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc. Jesse consistently delivers the gold standards as well as new stuff, and things all in between. Also make sure to check out Bluegrass Irwin’s reputable Bluegrass Special, just don’t expect to understand what he says most of the time.

RIYL Hank, Woodie, and Johnny

For a good time, check out Trailer Bride, from Chapel Hill, NC, they play some nice gothic country a-la 16 Horsepower, but are fronted by a lovely lady named Melissa Swingle. Sadly, they have recently broken up, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the 4 albums they have out.
RIYL the Denver country scene, not alt-country, smoking indoors.

Trailer Bride – High Sea

Currently on tour with Drive-By Truckers is a little dirty band Dead Confederate- Twice now i’ve almost put them up on RIYL Rev, but changed my mind at the last minute. However, they keep clicking up on my radar and they keep growing on me.
RIYL spaced out sludgey stoner jams, letting an album grow on you, sitting through a (likely to be shitty) Drive-By Truckers set or paying $25 for the opener [I gotta move to a real fucking city.]

Dead Confederate – Tortured Artist Saint




*This joke comes straight from Nick Mayor- i can’t take any credit for it. It was going to be his new post-coilage screen name, but it was too long.


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