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Lewd Dewds by stuffguyswhopeopleconfuseforqueerslike
July 19, 2008, 11:27 am
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Bipolar Bear – Mountain Dewd

This one has been sitting on my shelf (read eye-tunez) since May, when it came into our lovely radio station. It has been sitting around gathering dust and probably few revolutions per minute. Turns out, that is kind of a shame! This record is pretty good.

Heiling from LA, Bipolar Bear breaks the puns not like it is their job but because it is their job. Mountian Dewd, their full length out on Yosada/Kill Shaman, Quick cuts that cut to the quick, this album clocks in at just over 22 minutes, which is thankfully short, allowing you to injest all the dissonance they deliver in jest.
RIYL early Les Savy Fav, labelmates Bad Dudes (who’s new album I’ll hopefully buy and review soon), and other grizzly shit. Bipolar Bear wants to tear your heart out because they love you so much.

Bipolar Bear – Celibate for the Hell of It

Bipolar Bear – Axil My Age

Bipolar Bear – The Entertainer

If you like, you should buy.


ps- this post is dedicated to and made possible by the summer serum and heat beater Purely Decadent. One of these days i’m going to live on a turtle mountain, and you are all invited to party with me. Even if you are gluten free, i’ll get some cookie dough.

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