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Herbie Herbie Herbie by thebrandnew007
August 13, 2008, 10:01 pm
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Some called it ‘selling out.’ Personally I don’t give a shit. Do you like pretending it’s the ’70s? Do you find yourself wearing bell bottoms and listening to funk? Well, even if you don’t, Herbie Hancock is for you. This is definitely not in the same boat as his jazzy Blue Note classics, but more of a turning point into his later funkyelectrojazzpop (it’s a new term) that still sounds fresh today.

Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters:



you can listen to the whole album here!


Bob’s Booze and Boobs Tour 2008 by stuffguyswhopeopleconfuseforqueerslike
July 19, 2008, 11:27 am
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For a good time, call Bob Log 3, Tit and Turd fetishist extraordinaire, he’s a funny one-man-band (move over, Matt Mayhem) and always wears a motorcycle helmet with a phone attached to it. Unless i haul my as to PGH right when I return to Ohio in august, i’ll probably miss him this summer. (Anyone wanna give me a ride?) But if/when he is in your area and you are in for a sleezy time, call your buddy bob. But beware, he’ll probably expect a standing ovation.

Bob Log III – Boob Scotch

His tour, which started last thursday in Texas, is coming around, so don’t miss it. He’ll be at:

Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis, MN – Sat 7/19
Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL –
Thu 7/24
Mercury Lounge, New York, NY –
Mon 8/4
Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY – Tue 8/5
Johnny Brendas, Philadelphia, PA – Wed 8/6
Iota Cafe, Arlington, VA – Thu 8/7
31st Street Pub Pittsburgh PA – Fri 8/8
Cafe Bourbon Street Columbus OH – Sat 8/9
Thu 8/14/08 Bar Deluxe Salt Lake City UT
Sat 8/16/08 Doug Fir Lounge Portland OR
Mon 8/18/08 El Corazon Seattle WA
Wed 8/20/08 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco CA

among other places. His tour is pretty big, so if you don’t see your city here, make sure to click over to his site for the full tour.


Lewd Dewds by stuffguyswhopeopleconfuseforqueerslike
July 19, 2008, 11:27 am
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Bipolar Bear – Mountain Dewd

This one has been sitting on my shelf (read eye-tunez) since May, when it came into our lovely radio station. It has been sitting around gathering dust and probably few revolutions per minute. Turns out, that is kind of a shame! This record is pretty good.

Heiling from LA, Bipolar Bear breaks the puns not like it is their job but because it is their job. Mountian Dewd, their full length out on Yosada/Kill Shaman, Quick cuts that cut to the quick, this album clocks in at just over 22 minutes, which is thankfully short, allowing you to injest all the dissonance they deliver in jest.
RIYL early Les Savy Fav, labelmates Bad Dudes (who’s new album I’ll hopefully buy and review soon), and other grizzly shit. Bipolar Bear wants to tear your heart out because they love you so much.

Bipolar Bear – Celibate for the Hell of It

Bipolar Bear – Axil My Age

Bipolar Bear – The Entertainer

If you like, you should buy.


ps- this post is dedicated to and made possible by the summer serum and heat beater Purely Decadent. One of these days i’m going to live on a turtle mountain, and you are all invited to party with me. Even if you are gluten free, i’ll get some cookie dough.

prettiest quiet sounds by yujean

Sometimes I come across an artist or a song so epic I can’t stop listening, and before I know it the word “overplayed” becomes irrelevant. Better yet, sometimes my friends and housemates love it as much, and everybody reaches consensus on playing the same thing over and over again while we’re all out on the porch because it makes us all feel so good. Yeah. The following albums have been on repeat in my life for the past two-three weeks. Both have soft, moody indie-folk with male vocals and some of the prettiest quiet sounds I’ve ever heard.

skinny love

wednesday nights
sound the alarm

riyl: fleet foxes, midwest dilemma, the shivers, summer thunderstorms at nighttime, bicycling that down that road with no end in sight


radi-yo! by yujean
June 15, 2008, 2:06 am
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had my first ever radio show. curious? golden lungs broadcasts live on tuesdays, 9-10am eastern on wobc. the first playlist sounded like the following:

citizen cope — son’s gonna rise
sam sparro — black & gold from his self-titled album
des’ree — you gotta be
ingrid michaelson — the way i am
maia hirasawa — crackers (previously posted)
johnny cash — hurt (nine inch nails cover)
mariah carey — always be my baby
mystery jets — young love (shoes mix)
headlights — cherry tulips
chris bathgate — yes, i’m cold (previously posted)
los zombies — groenlandia
sigur rós — gobbledigook from their album coming out june 23!
the everybodyfields – aeroplane
the avett brothers — will you return?
alphabeat — what is happening?
nana grizol — tamborine-n-thyme (previously posted)

and don’t forget to tune into dory’s show as well! beyond the pale, on mondays from 3-6pm mountain time at utah FM


not sending letters to sweden. by yujean

School’s out!! After all is said and done, we go our separate ways* and I amp up the written correspondences in attempt to remind loved ones that I haven’t forgotten them (&likewise, a nudge for them not to forget me, either).

*the RIYL crew is currently dispersed all over the continental US and Hawaii. One of us may or may not be in Argentina right now.

Crazy things happen when you don’t keep in touch with people and it throws you for a spin when you find out how much has changed all of a sudden, you know? Like how I recently found out that my best friend from fifth grade is now on the national executive committee of the Swedish Young Conservatives, the youth wing of their neoliberal party.


I used to go to her house everyday and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before I moved to a town 15 minutes away. Apparently long distance friendships are difficult to maintain during middle school, or something, because soon afterwards we got into a fight and she and our other friend totally dropped off the face of the earth. Turns out they were having face-to-face dates with boys they’d talked to on the internet. Well, it looks like she’s traded in the devotions of prepubescent mallrats for this free-market loving, Eurodollar-hating, bald-like-Mr. Clean Niklas Wykman.

Who would have guessed?

Neoliberals and bald people aside, there’s some pretty sweet indie pop coming out of Sweden these days.
Maia Hirasawa — Crackers; own it

The Lovekevins — Private Life Of A Cat; own it

Envelopes — I’d Like 2 C U; own it