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My Life with the YouTube Kult by stuffguyswhopeopleconfuseforqueerslike
June 28, 2008, 4:57 pm
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So I forgot how funny My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult was/is.
This is a video for a song they did in Ralph Bakshi’s 90’stravaganza Cool World. It was kind of a sleazier, weirder Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and I totally wasn’t allowed to see it when I was a kid- but I did anyway! Ah, shit! whatta rebel! But it has been so long, I don’t remember if this movie was actually any good- But this video is pretty rad.
Oh yeah, and THIS is a found video (from Found Magazine) sent to Wholphin. Both are terrific publications, but this thing takes the early nineties cake.



All yer idols in the back of a cab by stuffguyswhopeopleconfuseforqueerslike
June 26, 2008, 3:50 pm
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Last fall I was all hooked up on the coolest fucking idea ever; amazing band playing in the back of one of those goofy touristy Black Cabs, with the suicide doors and tons of space. And these guys were getting some quality acts just by catching a band on their way through town, hailing a cab and throwing down one acoustic take.

But then as things go, i forgot about it and I haven’t been back over there in a while. I am just now building a mix tape and wanted to put on it this great song by Seasick Steve, and that sparked my mammary- So clicked my way back there and was quite happy to see that they have kept busy in these last 6 months, adding new songs with Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, and Okkervil River*, among others. These are great little snips from the bands you love, and maybe some you haven’t heard of.

Bon Iver finally commanding the attention he deserves- seeing Bon Iver in a club last (whenever that was) was fantastic, but he had trouble holding the room. Now he literally fills the entire space with his timid presence and knocks out a great version of Creature Fear.

Phosphorescent doing a solid version of ‘Wolves’ rides alongside the Cave Singers, Baby Dee, Lykke Li. My Morning Jacket manages to play something tolerable, and Sunset Rubdown plays a long (but interesting) number.

Of the 47 sessions on the site, there is a little something for everyone so poke around, find something you didn’t know you love, but surely not to be missed are Daniel Johnston, Jeffrey Lewis, Bill Callahan and St. Vincent, just to name a few.



*Dirty secret: Although Wil Sheff is totally amazing all over, but he is kind of shit at the harmonica.

hey mona lisa come home by dory t
June 23, 2008, 4:20 pm
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I love music videos. Three minutes of life brightly colored, well-choreographed, sexy as hell and perfectly nonthreatening. Everyone is beautiful, everyone emotes at the right times and in the right places, and the music always matches the mood. It’s a fantasy that lasts just long enough for me to care, and ends just before I get bored with it. Hip hop music videos (especially high budget, mainstream hip hop videos) are the best. They’re always political disasters– girl power is being super hot and insinuating lesbian makeouts with your half-naked friends! I know there’s no excuse. And I know it’s wrong.

But I fucking love the Pussycat Dolls. And Kanye West. Like, a lot.

But what I think is the most interesting is that fact that sometimes, liking these bands is not embarassing, it’s actually super ironic and cool. Long since pioneered by artists like Soulwax/2 Many DJs and Girl Talk, mashups and remixes are the hippest fodder for an entire generation of self-conscious college students. It isn’t just Kanye West, it’s Diplo‘s REMIX of Kanye West! Which makes it cool! Which means I am still edgy! Because if I am not edgy, I am nothing. Obvs.

But sometimes the remix is hip for a reason. Sometimes it kicks the shit out of the song’s original. Sometimes the remix makes me feel good about wanting to be edgy. Sometimes the remix is like an entire fucking summer dreamworld where life really is a music video and Will.I.Am wants to date me and every word I say pops out around me like a huge delicious candy bubble, and I can dance, and I know everything, and I know everyone, and life wants to open up and eat me like a pill, and everything is glowing in the blacklight.

Sometimes a remix can do that. This one does.

Kanye West – Flashing Lights (Diplo remix)

x dory

No Rap or Country For Old Men* by stuffguyswhopeopleconfuseforqueerslike
June 21, 2008, 12:16 am
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Those of us (and you) helping to fuel the recommended if you like revolution find greatest efficacy in a diverse web of recommendations, right? But honestly, all of our posts seem to share a similar sound- So in the interest of calling upon some more varied tastes, I will toss in a little rap and some country and maybe something else later.

When I want to listen to some hip-hop, i’m wowed by interesting beats and clever lines. And I really don’t have to look much further than Stones Throw, the label that brings such amazing beatsmiths and rhyme slingers as Madlib (and all his various projects like the unbeatable Quasimoto), MF Doom, J Dilla, and my personal favorite (and label head) Peanut Butter Wolf. Well, later this month they will be releasing a collaborative one-off by J Dilla, Ghostface Killa and MF Doom. This is bound to be 100%. Doom and Ghostface were both working off tracks from Dilla’s brilliant album Donuts. (Shit, Donuts is more of an All-You-Can-Eat buffet of beats than a straightforward album. And believe me, it fucking works.) The Dilla/Killa/Doom single is slated for release later this month on the Stones Throw store.

I offer these three tracks for dinner, and you’re just going to have to wait to get your dessert. All are kind of old, but they are sold gold. First, from My Vinyl Weighs a Ton, we have a perfect example of PB Wolf’s top-notch concoctions and productions. Second, a track from Madlib’s Blue Note remixes Shades of Blue. This is an unbelievable album- Madlib had open access to the entire Blue Note catalog (all the masters of Jazz, Funk and Soul are represented) and made some very amazing grooves. And finally, a little Doom under his moniker Viktor Vaughn on the record Vaudeville Villain. This one isn’t actually on Stones Throw, but I like this album better than Madvillany, which is. Oh, and fourth – Madlib and J Dilla were working on an album together before his untimely passing in 2006. Together, they are Jaylib. These songs are pretty incredible.

RIYL: digging deep in the bins (or just listening to the amazing shit Peanut Butter Wolf has dug deep and found), indie-hop like EL-P or Atmosphere, 30’s comic books and superhero cartoons, and humorous rhymes.

Peanut Butter Wolf – Casio (buy!)

Madlib -Slim’s Return (buy buy buy!)

Viktor Vaughn – A Dead Mouse (here)

Jaylib – Mission Remix

There is new business coming from Stones Throw is James Pants, from Spokane WA. He’s pretty alright with some worthy beats: I’ll just link to the video of his song because it is pretty weird- he zaps Peanut Butter Wolf with a ray gun.

James Pants – Cosmic Rapp

Well, I promised a little country, didn’t I? Well if you want your fix of the hicks, check out Jesse Montgomery’s radio show over at WOBC.ORG. During these hot summer months, he’ll be on every wednesday morning at 10am with Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc. Jesse consistently delivers the gold standards as well as new stuff, and things all in between. Also make sure to check out Bluegrass Irwin’s reputable Bluegrass Special, just don’t expect to understand what he says most of the time.

RIYL Hank, Woodie, and Johnny

For a good time, check out Trailer Bride, from Chapel Hill, NC, they play some nice gothic country a-la 16 Horsepower, but are fronted by a lovely lady named Melissa Swingle. Sadly, they have recently broken up, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the 4 albums they have out.
RIYL the Denver country scene, not alt-country, smoking indoors.

Trailer Bride – High Sea

Currently on tour with Drive-By Truckers is a little dirty band Dead Confederate- Twice now i’ve almost put them up on RIYL Rev, but changed my mind at the last minute. However, they keep clicking up on my radar and they keep growing on me.
RIYL spaced out sludgey stoner jams, letting an album grow on you, sitting through a (likely to be shitty) Drive-By Truckers set or paying $25 for the opener [I gotta move to a real fucking city.]

Dead Confederate – Tortured Artist Saint




*This joke comes straight from Nick Mayor- i can’t take any credit for it. It was going to be his new post-coilage screen name, but it was too long.

prettiest quiet sounds by yujean

Sometimes I come across an artist or a song so epic I can’t stop listening, and before I know it the word “overplayed” becomes irrelevant. Better yet, sometimes my friends and housemates love it as much, and everybody reaches consensus on playing the same thing over and over again while we’re all out on the porch because it makes us all feel so good. Yeah. The following albums have been on repeat in my life for the past two-three weeks. Both have soft, moody indie-folk with male vocals and some of the prettiest quiet sounds I’ve ever heard.

skinny love

wednesday nights
sound the alarm

riyl: fleet foxes, midwest dilemma, the shivers, summer thunderstorms at nighttime, bicycling that down that road with no end in sight


the games we play by dory t
June 16, 2008, 2:51 am
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to love music is to love live shows. and to love live shows is to endure huge numbers of bro’d out tools, huge volumes of cigarette smoke, and several eternities of standing around awkwardly staring into space waiting for the band to start. so what’s a girl to do? there are only so may times i can go pee in an hour. solution: the venue olympics! a game of questions! a collective interview! a totally judgemental and cruel assesment of a room full of strangers!


game number one: who farted?
because someone always did. always. and the whole little venue starts to smell sort of sour, like smoke and fart and sweat, and the bodies are very close and even the most immaculately manicured hipsters have pit stains blaring through their athletic gray american apparel tshirts. so who the fuck farted? because no one is safe.
“the shitty looking guy in front of me” usually feels like the right answer… but what about when you are the shitty guy in front? what about the shitty guys in the VERY front? like that extremely tall one standing behind his extremely short girlfriend, and he’s got his fingers in her belt loops and he’s drumming on her hips along to the music, and she looks bored, and the whole situation makes you faintly ill. was it him? was it her? could he feel her fart against his leg?

game number two: where is the drummer’s penis?
it just gets worse and worse.
i’m sorry. but skinny boys in tight navy courderoys sitting on very tiny stools MUST have penises, but where ARE they? the problem with this game is that when i win, i feel gross, because it’s like this horrible outline bulging through their pants and then it’s all i can see, even though it’s the last thing i want to see, and i always feel bad like some straight guy who accidentally stares at a woman’s breasts even though he doesn’t really care at all about them, and then the lady gets upset and he feels like a cliche, because he is. so basically what i’m saying is that looking for the drummer’s dick can be a tricky one, because when you find it (and you will) you will wish you hadn’t.
also, lady drummers fucking rule.

game number three: who does this band wish they were?
this is a little obsessive, i’ll admit. but sometimes i just stand at shows at stare at the singer’s contorted face and think about who they sound like. like how calico just wants to be a country-western version of explosions in the sky. or how anathallo is just like the dirty projectors only it takes like eighteen million people for them to do exactly same thing.

when the band finally starts (or when you get super tired of the band and they finally stop), at least you know you’ve done something right. you’re supporting the artist, not the record company; the venue, not the man. and if it smells like farts and the music is old and everyone on stage is a little too real to be comfortable, at least you know you tried.

these are the sacrifices we make for the things we love.

x dory

radi-yo! by yujean
June 15, 2008, 2:06 am
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had my first ever radio show. curious? golden lungs broadcasts live on tuesdays, 9-10am eastern on wobc. the first playlist sounded like the following:

citizen cope — son’s gonna rise
sam sparro — black & gold from his self-titled album
des’ree — you gotta be
ingrid michaelson — the way i am
maia hirasawa — crackers (previously posted)
johnny cash — hurt (nine inch nails cover)
mariah carey — always be my baby
mystery jets — young love (shoes mix)
headlights — cherry tulips
chris bathgate — yes, i’m cold (previously posted)
los zombies — groenlandia
sigur rós — gobbledigook from their album coming out june 23!
the everybodyfields – aeroplane
the avett brothers — will you return?
alphabeat — what is happening?
nana grizol — tamborine-n-thyme (previously posted)

and don’t forget to tune into dory’s show as well! beyond the pale, on mondays from 3-6pm mountain time at utah FM