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sing now, talk later by dory t
September 9, 2008, 12:22 am
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oh hey guys, remember when we updated regularly?

me neither. that will change soon.

in the meantime, here’s a video of indie folk darlings polka dot dot dot (thanks meagan) singing songs while they cook dinner. please note the phone ringing in the background. these kids have got their priorities sorted out.

love, dory.


bridge to canada by dory t
May 10, 2008, 5:40 am
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Today Meagan and Yujean and I drove to Michigan. On the way back, in the dark, after getting lost three times and barreling down any number of crazy-narrow log-flume tree-lined on-ramps, we passed what is perhaps my favorite road sign in a while: “Bridge to Canada, Next Exit.” We giggled and soldiered on into the night. In some fantastic parallel universe where I wasn’t carsick and we didn’t have obligations, though– in this universe we would have taken the bridge to Canada. And if we had driven until we got to Quebec, we might have gotten there in time to catch Two Hours Traffic play a show, and it might have sounded just as bright and power pop-y as it did as our car blew past semis on the way back to Ohio.
This music reminds me of things I liked in high school; particularly the things I liked when I worked at Baskin Robbins and had to listen to very happy nostalgic music every day in order to not feel like killing myself.
riyl: super clean for radio lyrics, having conversations where no one really listens but everybody gets really excited telling stories about senior year of high school, sunshine, iced coffee when most of the ice cubes have melted and all that’s left are little clear slivers of cold bobbing around and leaving weird watery trails in the cream, the 4th of july (Canadian independence day?), orange juice popsicles

Two Hours Traffic – Sure Can Start

Two Hours Traffic – Stuck for the Summer

If you like it, buy it here.

x dory

foals by dory t
April 10, 2008, 12:21 am
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i’ve heard kids complaining about foals being not so good.

maybe kids are complaining because now that sub pop’s signed them they’re not underground anymore.

whatever. i think they’re solid.

(p.s. you know who else i like? bloc party. and hot hot heat. funny how they are all almost the same band.)

x d

springtime in ohio -> premature bliss by dory t
April 9, 2008, 4:35 am
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hey guys, you know what i love? no? okay i’ll make you a list.

1. the wet grass smell of summer air at night when it blows in through your screen, and all the mosquitoes stay out and that delicious breeze still gives you that feeling like essence of warm and darkness, like everything is okay, and you can feel it while you’re sleeping.

2. the chocolate chip raspberry chipotle muffin i had at black river cafe a few weeks ago when i stumbled in at 10:45, already late for class. it was like cheesecake, only spicy and chocolately and full of this fantastic gooey fruitiness. (if i were to make a pie chart of my diet, and the two options were muffin food v. non-muffin food, the chart would be mostly muffin)

3. shit that’s free

i give you: the most recent, most blissful, most summer-y, most delicious EP by UK band stars and sons (did this name come from the broken social scene song by the same name? possibly. google certainly thinks so). my favorite tracks are “outside my feet” & “comfy now”, but they’re all good and they’re all FREE (and LEGAL), so who the fuck cares, amirite?

this EP isn’t perfect, but it’s fun and it reminds me of things that are easy.

RIYL: Loney, Dear, Stars, Patrick Park (my love for this dude deserves a whole other post, which it will probably earn eventually), sitting in the passenger seat of your best friend’s shitty pickup with your head out the window and your hair whipping into your eyes while you shout lewd things at pedestrians.

x d